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    The Nowa Kosmetyka brand was created partly out of love for nature and partly out of rebellion. These are natural ingredients that are supposed to please the skin and say goodbye to problems with hair and nails.

    The zero waste concept is extremely important in the brand's operations. This should be translated literally, meaning zero garbage, zero waste. You can successfully use reusable packaging - small cans, bottles for liquid soap, dish soap or homemade hair masks. The products are packed in glass packages.

    You'll find essential skincare products on offer, but don't be fooled! Although the ingredients are simple, even ordinary products, such as face tonics or gray soaps, show amazing properties. It is all thanks to carefully selected ingredients, especially oils and infusions of flowers and fruits, which can fill the skin with vitamins. Thanks to them, damaged nail serum containing keratin and shea butter can quickly restore the strength and beautiful appearance of nail art, and the face serum with rosehip oil moisturizes, smoothes and regenerates.

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