Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Foam 30ml

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Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Foam (30ml)

Hand protection is an effective, alcohol-free, antibacterial and antiviral liquid agent for use primarily on the skin of hands and smaller surfaces such as phone screens, laptop keyboards, etc. It has been developed to provide effective protection against microbes while avoiding the growth of bacterial resistance and penetration chemicals through the skin. All this while maintaining a formula that is gentle on the skin and the environment.

The protective preparation is a non-chemical combination of a two-way system of polymers (forming the skeleton) and selected biocides or active substances. The polymers are hydrophobic and adhesive in nature. The particles of the anti-COVID19 protective solution adhere strongly to both hard surfaces and organic materials. The ability to adhere and water-repellent make the preparation waterproof. This means that the active ingredient of the preparation remains at the application site and lasts longer, creating an environment unfavorable for the development of microorganisms. Due to the large size of polymer molecules, the preparation and its active ingredients do not penetrate the skin and remain on its surface.

The combination of the physical and chemical mechanism of action prevents the development of bacterial resistance to specific substances. The preparation is alcohol-free, and the combination of polymers with aloe extract and vitamin B6 makes the product delicate and does not dry the skin, additionally giving the effect of natural hydration. The Anti-COVID19 preparation, on the other hand, does not interfere with the physiological protective barrier and bacterial flora of the skin.

Product use:

The protective preparation is intended for home and professional use, both for the skin of the hands and face. The product should be applied to any place where you want to avoid spreading or contamination with microorganisms.

Examples of places where microbial migration may occur are:

- Public places

- shopping centers, shops, pharmacies

- public toilets

- means of transport, airports and stations

- hospitals and healthcare facilities

- hotels, schools

- sports clubs and gyms

Benefits and Benefits:

- Kills 99.999% of bacteria

- It is highly effective against enveloped viruses

- Do not dry your hands

- Remains active after drying (long duration of protection approx. 4 hours

- It does not damage the natural bacterial flora of the skin

- It remains on the surface of the skin and the active ingredients do not penetrate deep into it

- pH safe for the skin

- Incombustible

- Provides better hand hygiene

Directions for use:

Press the applicator 2-3 times to extract the foam, spread the preparation evenly on the surface and wait about 60 seconds for the preparation to dry.

When used on surfaces such as a screen, telephone and other flat surfaces, spread it with a tissue or a clean cloth.

Product test data. Tested on microorganisms:

Bacteria: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Listeria monocytogenes

Viruses: Murine Norovirus

Mushrooms: Candida albicans


The active substance DDAC was tested against H1N1 at a concentration of 0.025% and showed effectiveness against this virus, classified as an enveloped virus.

Examples of enveloped viruses:

Herpesviruses (e.g. Epstein-Barr virus, Herpes simplex, bovine alpha-herpesvirus 1

(causing bovine rhinotracheitis), suid herpesvirus 1 (causing

pseudorabies = Aujeszky's disease)

Pox viruses (e.g. smallpox, vaccinia virus)

Hepadnaviruses (e.g. Hepatitis B virus)

Asfarviridae (e.g. African swine fever virus)

Flaviviruses (e.g. hepatitis C, yellow fever virus, Zika virus, virus dengue)

Alphaviruses (e.g. Eastern equine encephalitis virus)

Togaviruses (e.g. rubella virus)

Coronaviruses (e.g. SARS virus, MERS virus, novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV - Wuhan))

Hepatitis D virus.

Orthomyxoviruses (e.g. influenza A virus (H1N1 swine flu virus, H3N2-Hong Kong influenza,

H9N2-avian influenza virus, H3N8, H5N1, H5N2 ...), Influenza B virus, Influenza C virus, Influenza type D)

Paramyxoviruses (e.g. mumps virus, human parainfluenza virus, measles virus, distemper virus,rinderpest)

Rhabdoviruses (e.g. rabies virus)

Bunyavirus (e.g., Hantavirus, Californian Encephalitis virus, Fever virus

Crimean Congo haemorrhage)

Filoviruses (e.g. Ebola virus, Marburg virus)

Retroviruses (e.g., Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Mouse Breast Cancer Virus)

Arteriviruses (e.g. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV)

Tests according to European standards

EN1500: 2013

EN1499: 2013

EN13 697


EN1276: 2010

Dermatologically tested

Active ingredient: <5% cationic surfactants, 0.0495% Didecyldimethylammonium chloride,

Non active ingredients: Aqua, Aloes Vera, Vitamin B5

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