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Chocolate Almond Cream 190g, by FERMENTZ aka ZAKWSASOWNIA - Perfect for spreading on bread!

A chocolate and almond cream that is ideal for spreading on bread. The cream has a unique taste. Artisanal chocolate and almond cream, vegan, with a minimum cocoa mass of 83%. 

Nutritional values per 100g:

energy value   1927kJ / 466kcal

fat   43g

of which saturated fatty acids   22g

carbohydrates   9,3g

of which sugars   5,5g

protein   8,9g

salt   0,06g

Miazga kakaowa, subststancje sĹ‚odzÄ…ce: erytrytol, tĹ‚uszcz kakaowy, pasta z migdaĹ‚ów 35,7%, olej kokosowy, syrop z agawy. Masa kakaowa min. 83%

ENG: Cocoa pulp, sweeteners: erythritol, cocoa butter, almond paste 35.7%, coconut oil, agave syrup. Cocoa mass min. 83%

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