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Choco Bite Hazelnut & Chocolate 20g, by Foods by Ann - Deliciously chocolatey bars without white sugar!

We have something special for you! I guess everyone reaches for chocolate sometimes? It improves the mood and smells so beautiful and aromatic that it makes the very thought of it more pleasant. We know you like it as much as we do, especially when the cocoa content is 56% and there is no white sugar, lactose or lecithin in the ingredients.

Extraordinary fruit and nut treats in chocolate with the best chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar that will win your hearts and palates! They are a real chocolate delight and an undisputed bestseller.

Choco Bites are great for everyday snacking. Made from just a few ingredients, they are a great healthy alternative to sweets. They contain no flavour enhancers or artificial colourings. They are 100% natural. 

They are a quick way to satisfy hunger and give yourself energy at home, at work or while travelling. Mums and kids, even the most demanding ones, will go crazy for chocolate bars. You can take them to school, to extracurricular activities or on weekend outings.

Approximate nutritional values per 100 g of product

Energy value:    2002 kJ / 481 kcal

Fat:    28,2 g

of which saturated fatty acids:    9,6 g

Carbohydrates:    44,6 g

of which sugars:    44,6 g

Fibre:    10,8 g

Protein:    6,7 g

Salt:    0 g

daktyle, orzechy laskowe, czekolada 60% kakao (miazga kakaowa, cukier kokosowy, tłuszcz kakaowy)

ENG: dates, hazelnuts, chocolate 60% cocoa (cocoa pulp, coconut sugar, cocoa fat)

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