Foods by Ann Coconut Sugar Ecological 250g

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Foods by Ann Coconut Sugar Ecological (250g)

Coconut sugar is obtained from the juice of the coconut palm, from which the water has been evaporated. It has a deep, brown color and an intense caramel scent. It is less sweet than white sugar, and when added to dishes, it gives them a unique flavor and aroma. It is rich in nutrients, incl. iron and calcium.

It has a lower glycemic index (GI 35) than white sugar, for which it is an excellent alternative. It is also a source of inulin, which supports the proper functioning of the digestive tract. Its advantages include low melting point and high burning temperature at the same time, which makes it perfect for baking.

Usage and dosage:

It can be used as a substitute for white/brown sugar. Perfect for baking, cocktails and Asian dishes.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Store in a dry, cool place.

Ingedients: Organic Coconut Sugar

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