Lullalove Facial Cleansing and Peeling Brush

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Lullalove Facial Cleansing and Peeling Brush

The skin needs thorough cleansing to be able to fully absorb cosmetics and regenerate itself.

The brush is delicate, but in the case of sensitive and dry skin, it is recommended to brush the face once a week. Oily skin can be cleaned regularly, every other day or as needed. Facial brushing greatly improves the condition of the skin, but it cannot be performed on the damaged or irritated epidermis.

Advantages of facial brushing:

- improves the quality of the skin,

- reduces the visibility of pores and helps remove discoloration,

- improves microcirculation,

- stimulates the lymphatic system,

- works on wrinkles like a massage.

Directions for use:

Use wet with your favourite lotion or soap, and set aside to dry after use. Can also be used dry.

Beech wood. Synthetic bristles.


It should be replaced every 6 months or in case of excessive wear.

The brush is a subject of personal hygiene - it is not returnable.

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