Make Me Bio Rose Water - Garden Roses 100ml

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Make Me Bio Rose Water - Garden Roses (100ml)

In ancient times, a few drops of it were added to the bath to pamper the body and senses. Today, it is still an ideal solution to many cosmetic problems. The skin is nourished, smooth and cleansed. Recommended for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.

- Damask rose hydrosol - has a toning and nourishing effect. Regenerates tired and mature skin, restoring its natural glow. Deeply cleanses, reducing acne lesions, and also brightens the complexion. It makes the epidermis more elastic, visibly smoothes and moisturizes it. When applied to the hair, it makes them more flexible, regenerated and nourished. It soothes the senses thanks to the beautiful, long-lasting rose fragrance. It can also be applied to the hair, making it bouncy, shiny and soft to the touch.

Directions for use:

After washing your face, moisten the skin with the hydrolate. You can use it in the morning and evening or more often, depending on the needs of your skin. The atomizer will allow you to apply the product evenly. Store in a shaded place.

You can use this water as a skin cleansing toner or before applying a moisturizer. It will also work well as a mask when you mix it with clay appropriately selected for the type of skin.

Inci: Rosa Damascena ‹Damask Rose› Flower Water

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