Ministerstwo Body Massage Oil O2 140ml

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Body Massage Oil O2 140ml, of the Polish brand Ministerstwo - Massage oil with a beautiful warm scent!

The unspeakable sensuality of passionate emotions – that’s how the oil smells. It attempts to give a fragrance to the warmth enveloping the person performing the massage and the one receiving it. The air between them is sweet, citrusy fresh and vanilla sultry. It continues to transform in the same way as the relationship between the two is constantly evolving. The power of a relaxing massage comes not only from the touch, but above all from the uninterrupted closeness that develops over time. In our massage oil you’ll find unending pleasure. The blend of oils and natural ingredients allows one portion of O2 to provide a long-lasting, pleasant massage or self-massage. The mix of oils and natural thickening ingredients means that one dose of O2 allows for a long-lasting, pleasant massage or self-massage. 

Most important active ingredients:

- Sweet almond oil softens the epidermis and strengthens the skin's lipid barrier.

- Shea butter has an occlusive effect, nourishes, moisturises and protects the skin against water loss. It soothes irritations and redness, and thanks to the content of phytosterols, it has an anti-inflammatory effect

- Apricot kernel oil has moisturising and smoothing properties. When used on mature skin, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

- Canola oil has anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties

- Pomegranate seed oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It nourishes, moisturises and makes the epidermis more elastic. 

- Tiger Nut Oil effectively combats premature ageing of the facial skin, improving its elasticity and making it soft and supple. 

Who is the Body Massage Oil O2 recommended to?

- Everyone regardless of skin type

- People who are looking for a body oil for skin care and massage.

- People who want their skin to be moisturised, soft and smooth.

- Vegans and vegetarians, but not only!

Directions for use:

Shake before use. 

Press the pump and dispense a generous amount of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub the oil into your hands and apply to the skin. Massage the desired area with circular movements. When needed, dispense another pump of oil and continue the massage.

Avoid contact with eyes. 

Store in a cool, dry and shady place.

The above product is an artisanal product, prepared from raw materials of plant origin - its smell, colour and texture may therefore vary slightly from batch to batch.

The cosmetics are prepared from natural ingredients (sometimes enriched with cosmetic aroma) - they may cause allergic reactions in persons allergic to particular ingredients. Should an allergic reaction occur, please stop using the product immediately and report the reaction to:

olej ze słodkich migdałów, emolient pozyskiwany z nasion ostropestu, olej shea, olej z pestek moreli, olej rzepakowy (niech cie nie zwiedzie jego powszechność, to mistrz tej formulacji!), oksydowany olej kukurydziany, olej z pestek granatu, olej z orzechów tygrysich, witaminę E, olej słonecznikowy, sekretny (skrywany od jednego pokolenia) mix naturalnych emulgatorów, zapach.

ENG: sweet almond oil, emollient extracted from thistle seeds, shea oil, apricot kernel oil, rapeseed oil (don't let its ubiquity fool you, it's the master of this formulation!), oxidised corn oil, pomegranate seed oil, tiger nut oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil, a secret (hidden for one generation) mix of natural emulsifiers, fragrance.

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