Phlov Vegan perfume FullMoon'Light 30ml

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Vegan perfume FullMoon'Light 30ml, of the polish brand Phlov - A secret closed in rose petals!

The fragrance of FullMoon'Light is a secret closed in rose petals. This is femininity in full bloom - delightful and intimidating.

Sensual navy blue, tempting blackberry and ripe cherry create a combination that brings to mind a night stroll through a secret garden bathed in the moonlight. The strength and energy emanating from it will make you look ahead with your head held high.

Exotic tones will take you straight to narrow, oriental streets surrounded by the smoke of incense and filled with the scent of spices. It is an invitation to a fascinating reality that you can experience with all your senses.

The intriguing accents of wood notes are the roots that will strengthen your self-confidence and uncompromising attitude.

FullMoon'Light perfumes contain spontaneity and power, which will emphasize your inner glow and direct all eyes to you. It is this pinch of courage that will make you boldly reach for what you want.

FullMoon'Light is a moment filled with the joy of life, when you feel great and the whole world is at your fingertips. It is elegance, strength and sensual pleasure in which you can plunge into it whenever you feel like it.

If you want to try the fragrance out, find a sample of FullMoon'Light here.


The scent of the perfume is characterized by a concentration of 25% of fragrance oils dissolved in 70% of alcohol. Both the elixirs used in the composition and all other ingredients necessary for their production are fully vegan. Perfume production takes place in Poland. The color of the perfume may vary depending on the production batch.

Where is the best place to test the fragrance on the skin?

Apply the fragrance to the inner part of the wrist or to the bends of the elbows. Remember that the aroma of a perfume changes over time. You can feel completely different notes immediately after application, and even different ones after a few hours.

How to store perfumes?

Perfumes do not like light, so store them best in a dark and cool place.

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