Purella Goldenberry BIO 45g

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Purella Goldenberry BIO (45g)

The native inhabitants of Peru have appreciated the properties of the goldenberry for thousands of years. The dried goldenberry is a slightly citrusy, yet sweet snack, the sweet taste of which comes only from naturally contained sugars. It contains a high amount of dietary fiber.

Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana), resembling cherry tomatoes, is characterized by a sweet, exotic taste (it tastes like a combination of pineapple and mango). Fresh fruit occurs naturally in Brazil and grows in warm climates at high altitudes. They can be found in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. Country of origin: Peru.

- Goldenberry are a rich source of dietary fiber and contain, among others vitamin C, niacin and iron, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C also helps in the proper functioning of the immune system. However, the potassium contained in the bellows helps in the proper functioning of the muscles and the nervous system.

- Phenolic compounds present in Goldenberry may (according to laboratory tests) inhibit the growth of cancer cells in breast and colon cancer. Polyphenols contained in the mycelium block the release of inflammatory markers and regulate the functioning of the immune system. Therefore, they are a perfect supplement to the diet in periods of reduced immunity.

- Goldenberry is a very good source of lutein, beta carotene and other carotenoids. A diet rich in these ingredients has a positive effect on eye health and prevents macular degeneration. Vitamins A and C improve the appearance of the skin and promote wound healing. They also protect against harmful UV radiation. Thanks to the content of B vitamins, the Goldenberry can act as an antidepressant and anti-stress.

Directions for use:

The Goldenberry is one of the fruits that can be used to supplement sweet and dry dishes. It goes perfectly with salads, yoghurt, porridge or dessert. A few dried fruits can be added to a vegetable salad or mixed with nuts. Suitable for vegans, naturally gluten-free.

Dried Goldenberry goes well with savory dishes, such as curry chicken, spicy couscous and roasted duck (you add fruit to the sauce).

The recommended daily intake is 9 g.

Store in a dry, cool place. Protect from light.

Inci: 100% Physalis peruvian bio.

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