Senkara Algae-Bamboo Face Towel

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Algae-Bamboo Face Towel, by Senkara - Gentle even for sensitive skin!

Extremely gentle face towel made of high-quality bamboo muslin with SeaCELL® algae fibres. Ideal for wiping sensitive facial skin. It will work well for daily home care as well as specialist office care. SeaCELL® algae fibre is a concentrate of minerals floating in the ocean waters. Their lifespan in the fabric is estimated to be several dozen washes. The algae contained in the bamboo fabric can work wonders directly on contact with the skin. They soothe irritation, have antibacterial properties and beneficially saturate the skin with minerals.

The condition of the skin is influenced not only by cosmetics but also by daily habits. If you wipe your face with the same towel as the rest of your body, you contribute to the spread of inflammation and the formation of imperfections. In addition, rough towels can cause micro-damage and irritation. A separate towel for drying the face is essential for proper skin care. The algae and bamboo towel from the Bamboo Collection series will take excellent care of your skin. Thanks to its special fibres, it dries the skin perfectly without causing irritation. It is extremely soft and gentle. The noble composition supports skin care. The SeaCELL® algae fibre helps to heal irritation and inflammation and promotes regeneration.

How to care?

Dimensions: 30x30 cm

Weight: 170 g/m2

Composition: 60% viscose from bamboo, 40% SeaCELL® algae fibre.

Colour: ecru

The Bamboo Collection Senkara algae-bamboo face towel is manufactured in Poland by a renowned manufacturer of fine bamboo fabrics. The production plant cares about the environment and the very high quality of the products. It is also a Sheltered Workshop, where more than half of the employees have the status of people with disabilities. It is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified.

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