TARGROCH Black cumin oil - cold pressed 250ml

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Black cumin oil - cold pressed 250ml, by TARGROCH - Source of Omega fatty acids!

Black cumin, also known as nigella, is a spice and medicinal plant known as far back as the pharaohs' times. As the name suggests, its seeds are deep black in colour. Its distinct, pungent, spicy aroma makes it a popular addition to cheeses, some meats, cabbage dishes and wheat baked goods. They consist of as much as 40% fat, which makes them an excellent raw material for pressing oil.

Oleum Nigelle, or black cumin oil. It is a cold-pressed product with a wide range of culinary, medicinal and cosmetic applications. Thanks to the content of essential oils, it is used in the production of perfumes. It is also used in the production of sweets and liqueurs. This oil is also perfect for home use - it can be taken as a dietary supplement - orally, added to food - cold, or applied directly to hair, skin and nails.

Black cumin oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, a very important - and often underestimated - component of the diet. Additionally, this product demonstrates anti-inflammatory, analgesic, as well as bactericidal and fungicidal effects. When used regularly, it supports immunity and improves digestive processes. Thanks to the method of cold pressing and lack of refining, it retains valuable nutritional values.

Country of origin: India

Nutritional value of the product in 100g:

Energy value     3621 kJ / 881 kcal

Fat     100 g

of which saturated fatty acids     14.7 g

monounsaturated fatty acids     21,2 g

polyunsaturated fatty acids     58,3 g

Carbohydrates     0 g 

of which sugars     0 g

Fibre     0 g

Protein     0 g

Salt       0 g

Omega-3      0,2 g

Omega-6      58,1 g

*The salt content is only due to the natural presence of salt.

Directions for use:

Black cumin oil is perfect for salads, salads and other dishes served cold. Recommended serving 10g (1 tablespoon)


In a dry, cool and dark place. After opening, store at 4-10°C for no longer than 3-4 weeks. Natural sediment or cloudiness may precipitate - this is a natural phenomenon which does not affect the nutritional value of the oil.

Olej z czarnuszki tłoczony na zimno

ENG: Cold-pressed cumin oil

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