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Purella Jagody Maqui BIO - Vesa Beauty
Save £28.19
Krayna Face oil RASPBERRY & ROSEMARY 30ml - Krayna
Save £7.99
FERMENTZ Chocolate Almond Cream 190ml - FERMENTZ
Save £6.99
FERMENTZ Chocolate-Raspberry cream 190ml - FERMENTZ
Save £6.99
FERMENTZ Chocolate and nut cream 190g - FERMENTZ
Save £0.65
Purella Surowe Kakao Ziarna BIO - Vesa Beauty
Save £1.10
Purella Komosa Ry┼╝owa Tr├│jkolorowa BIO - Vesa Beauty
Save £1.29
Felicea Natural protective lipstick #13 for men 4,8g - Felicea
Save £4.59
FERMENTZ Dates in dark chocolate 100g - FERMENTZ
Save £6.49
FERMENTZ Pecan nuts in dark chocolate 100g - FERMENTZ
Save £6.99
Be The Sky Girl Damaged packaging Moisturizing-protective city cream I LOVE THE CITY! 50ml - Be The Sky GirlBe The Sky Girl Damaged packaging Moisturizing-protective city cream I LOVE THE CITY! 50ml - Be The Sky Girl
Save £6.49
Bezalkoholowa Pianka Antybakteryjna - Vesa Beauty
Anti-covid19 Anti-Covid19 Bezalkoholowa Pianka Antybakteryjna
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BANANA JOE Banana Chips Sea Salt 23g - BANANA JOE
BANANA JOE BANANA JOE Chipsy bananowe S├│l morska 23g
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Foods by Ann Smoothie Chokeberry & Blackcurrant 250ml - Foods by Ann
TARGROCH Refined coconut oil - unscented 900ml - TARGROCH
Foods by Ann Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread 30% Smooth 250g - Foods by Ann
Save £0.41
ALLNUTRITION FITKING Chocolate White Choco with Coconut 100g - ALLNUTRITION
RL9 Coffee Espresso Ziarnista 1kg - Vesa Beauty
TARGROCH Popcorn grain 1kg - TARGROCH
Save £0.30
TARGROCH California Dried Prune Juice 330ml - TARGROCH
TARGROCH TARGROCH Sok z suszonych ┼Ťliwek kalifornijskich 330ml
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Purella Miechunka BIO - Vesa Beauty


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Four Starlings Detoxifying Bar Shampoo 75g - Cztery Szpaki
Ministerstwo Szampon w kostce - Hibiskus 85g - VESA UK
Save £2.49
Phlov Set for Coloured Hair - Phlov
Phlov Phlov Zestaw do włosów farbowanych
Sale price£29.99 Regular price£32.48
Save £3.99
Herbs & Hydro Conditioner Bar Plum in Can 40g - Herbs & Hydro
Save £0.60
Ministerstwo Green Tea - Hair & Body Bar 85g - Ministerstwo
Ministerstwo Ministerstwo Szampon Zielona Herbata 85g
Sale price£9.19 Regular price£9.79
Save £0.70
Sylveco Lniana Maska do Włosów 150ml - Vesa Beauty
Sylveco Sylveco Lniana Maska do Włosów 150ml
Sale price£7.29 Regular price£7.99
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Herbs & Hydro Shampoo Bar Raspberry in Can 55g - Herbs & Hydro
Herbs & Hydro Herbs & Hydro Szampon w kostce Malina 55g Puszka
Sale price£9.34 Regular price£10.99
Save £3.20
Biolaven 31/01/2023 Red Grape Vinegar Rinse 150ml - Biolaven


Our company's mission is conscious shopping, we have created a place where each individual product is safe, and you would not have to worry about its ingredients. Products on our website do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients. Our focus on choosing products with natural ingredients and the best quality products makes us one of a kind in the cosmetics world :).

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The idea for the store was born when Beata started to be interested in the composition of cosmetics, exploring the knowledge of long, rarely recognizable ingredient names used on labels. Finding a store where you can do quiet shopping without reading the product label turned out to be impossible. We always find a "natural" cosmetic whose composition leaves much to be desired. And that's how the Vesa Beauty website was created. The technical side of the website is managed by Patryk, if not for this whole project would not exist. Mutual complementation in business and private life allowed us to create this unique store  :)...

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