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    Proper care for oily and combination skin is extremely important. Excess sebum not only makes the skin unsightly, but can also cause acne. Sebum is not a bad thing, of course, and is even necessary. First, it protects the skin against various external factors. Skin that is deprived of sebum will become matte and lose its elasticity much faster.

    Therefore, in the case of oily and combination skin, we should also remember to properly moisturize the skin. A cream suitable for oily and combination skin should be light and non-comedogenic. However, remember that each skin reacts individually. A great ingredient of the cream for oily and combination skin is, for example, hyaluronic acid, a physiological substance that naturally occurs in the skin and has strong moisturizing properties. It has the ability to bind with water molecules and prevents it from escaping from the deeper layers of the skin.

    The offer includes creams for oily and combination skin by Clochee, Pure by Clochee. Light gels by MIYA Cosmetics. Vianek normalizing day and night creams. Ministerstwo light H2O cream. Resibo cream Game Changer with Retinol. Highly moisturizing cream from the Iossi Pro line. Check the offer!

    56 produkty
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