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    Hagi Cosmetics is a family company producing natural cosmetics and a recognized brand on the Polish market. The company was founded by a mother - chemist / cosmetologist with her daughters. All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of companies certifying natural and organic cosmetics. Cosmetics are a response to the diverse needs of modern consumers. They are adapted to the needs of mature, allergic skin in need of hydration and to the delicate skin of a child.

    The wide range of products includes: manufactured using a traditional method, bath salts and powders, lotions, face creams, body pomades and scented candles based on soy wax and natural essential oils.

    The offer includes natural cosmetics created with passion, experience and specialist knowledge. The fragrance composition of the products is made of original essential oils. Recipes and raw materials are carefully selected to create a safe and gentle cosmetic suitable for all skin types. Haga's team includes cosmetologists, chemists, cosmetics quality, fragrance and safety specialists, as well as a few artistic souls with heads full of ideas. The products are made in our own production plant located among the Masovian meadows.

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