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    Outlet is designed for those looking for special promotions. In this category you will find discounted products with damaged packaging, label or dates shorter than 3 months. Any damage is related to the box, not its contents. The characteristics and operation of the product have not changed. Therefore, you can order high-quality natural cosmetics at a lower price than usual.

    A crushed cardboard box, a peeled off sticker, a damaged label - we separated the damaged products from those in perfect condition and gathered them in one category called Outlet. We have lowered their prices accordingly. The idea of less waste is close to us, so we do not want to throw away products that are still usable - we prefer to sell them to you cheaper than products without defects. Therefore, you can make an informed purchase decision, agreeing to receive the cosmetic in a damaged packaging, but spending less on completing the cosmetic bag.

    In the outlet, you can also order products with a date marked in the product name. The dates are usually shorter than 3 months, so they are still wholesome products that you can buy at great prices and test. A great opportunity to buy products that you wanted to test, but gave up on them because of the price. Here you can buy them at a more favorable price.

    If you want to take advantage of the discounted prices, you need to be vigilant and check back often!

    20 products
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