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    Products for washing white and coloured fabrics that will not only take care of clothes but also health and the environment. Gentle liquids that effectively remove stains and are environmentally friendly at the same time. They remove stains without damaging clothes. Washing powders safe for people and the environment, ecological and vegan, in recyclable packaging.

    Rinsing liquids that soften and refresh the laundry. The liquid gives fabrics delicate fragrances and makes the freshness lasts longer, providing the washed fabrics with a beautiful fragrance that lasts even for several days. Liquids care completely safe and friendly not only to clothes but also to the skin, even the delicate and sensitive skin.

    Laundry soap is a liquid that is gentle to the environment and fabrics. It can be used to wash cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics.

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    4 products
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