About Us

VESA is an online Wellbeing & Health Store that offers more than 3,000 products with transparent & safe compositions. We have been dedicated to providing hand-picked selection of health, beauty & wellness brands, at best possible value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make health & wellbeing products accessible to everyone, as well as to promote the idea of conscious shopping. 


We only offer products made by brands that are ethical & responsible for their environmental impact. Moreover, we pay attention to recycled or recyclable packaging.


That is not all! At VESA we believe that prevention is better than cure!


In order not to contribute to pollution of the planet, our goal from the start has been to recycle ourselves! We reuse as much paper boxes as possible and packaging fillers are made out of starch which is 100% biodegradable and can be disintegrated under running water. We opted for paper packaging tape which works just as well as regular tape, yet is more friendly to the planet. By choosing our store, you show that you care about environmental sustainability, just like we do. Let’s make a change together!


We try to include as many vegan & cruelty free certified products as possible! This is one of the main criteria we follow when selecting brands to join our portfolio. Just filter by a cruelty free tag & shop the products within the category.


We select brands that pay attention to transparent labeling of ingredients. YOU are the most important to us! VESA is the place where you can shop safely.


Shopping at VESA is 

quick, easy, and very pleasant!


All thanks to a simple and intuitive website, properly selected categories, and an exceptional customer service. Our customer service will be more than happy to advise you on products as well as support you through purchasing or complaints processes