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    Hair is one of the most important attributes, but unfortunately it also causes many problems. They fall out excessively, are dry, greasy, frizzy and brittle. On top of that, there are also problems with the scalp: dandruff, excessive oiliness or sensitivity. Keeping them in good condition requires the use of appropriate cosmetics to their needs and regularity.

    Natural shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils, scrubs and lotions and many other products will help you get rid of all these problems. Shampoos are mainly used to cleanse the scalp, thus improving the condition of the hair itself. Choose from available balancing, moisturizing, soothing or strengthening shampoos.

    Then, moisturize your hair, nourish it, smooth it and choose the right masks or conditioners. They will help regenerate, moisturize and smooth your hair. Choose oils to protect your ends. If you have problems with hair loss, use trimmers that stimulate the hair roots. Scrub your scalp once a week to cleanse it more thoroughly.

    You will also find various types of accessories that will help you care for your hair. Turbans for drying your hair, brushes, combs, and ties or bands to help you care for your face.

    You can find supplements and masks divided into emollient, humectant and protein ones. This means that you can start conscious hair care with the right cosmetics.


    357 products
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