Be Raw Energy Bar 40g

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Energy Bar 40g, of the polish brand BeRaw - A unique bar filled to the brim with natural ingredients!

The Energy bar is a dry taste of raw cocoa with an aromatic note of heavenly coconut and a pinch of chlorella, enriched with dates and almonds, will be a valuable element of a healthy and balanced diet. It does not contain gluten or sugar. Dates, which are the main ingredient of the bar, provide the body with vitamins A and C, calcium and magnesium. Raw cocoa (15%) contains a dose of healthy fat and antioxidants. Be Raw Energy Bar coconut also includes almonds (14%) and coconut shrims (12%), sources of unsaturated fatty acids.

The aromatic combination of raw cocoa and heavenly coconut pampers the taste buds, satisfying the urgent need for a snack. Due to carefully selected ingredients, the Energy Bar coconut is a valuable product that complements a balanced diet. The whole is complemented by powdered algae - chlorella (1.5%), known for the richness of vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

- no gluten

- no added sugar

- vegan

- 100% natural

Nutritional value in 1 serving (40g)

The energy value of     612.4 kJ / 146.4 kcal

Fats    7.76 g

Including saturated fatty acids    3.96 g

Carbohydrates    19.6 g

Including sugars     14.6 g

Protein     4.08 g

Salt     0.064 g

daktyle, surowe kakao 15%, migdały 14%, wiórki kokosowe 12%, chlorella 1,5%. Może zawierać śladowe ilości: orzechów arachidowych, soi, mleka.   

ENG: dates, raw cocoa 15%, almonds 14%, coconut shrims 12%, chlorella 1.5%.  May contain traces of: peanuts, soy, milk.

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