HealthLabs Care SlimMe - For good body shape 60 capsules

HealthLabs SlimMe - For good body shape 60 capsules - HealthLabs

HealthLabs Care SlimMe - For good body shape 60 capsules

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Boost your metabolism and maintain normal blood glucose levels! SlimMe food supplement formula consists of: green tea leaf extract, Indian nettle root extract, cayenne pepper fruit extract, black pepper fruit extract. Moreover, the formula has been enriched with the best studied and bioavailable form of chromium, i.e. chromium picolinate, and c...

Boost your metabolism and maintain normal blood glucose levels!

SlimMe food supplement formula consists of: green tea leaf extract, Indian nettle root extract, cayenne pepper fruit extract, black pepper fruit extract. Moreover, the formula has been enriched with the best studied and bioavailable form of chromium, i.e. chromium picolinate, and caffeine. Caffeine is the world's best studied ergogenic substance, i.e. it improves the efficiency of the body and gives energy. It eliminates the feeling of fatigue, but also increases the rate of metabolism accelerating the burning of fat tissue. It supports weight loss, reduces the risk of obesity and reduces appetite. The supplement contains no unnecessary fillers, preservatives or colourings. The pure composition free from impurities is confirmed by product tests conducted by an independent, accredited laboratory of J.S. Hamilton Poland.

60 capsules - 30 days of use

Key ingredients:

- Green tea Camellia sinensis is a leafy shrub native to southern Asia. EGCG is a catechin extracted from green tea and is considered to be the key active compound responsible for its properties. It improves the body's resistance to stress and supports weight loss.

- Indian nettle (Coleus forskohlii) is an Ayurvedic plant known for thousands of years. Its active ingredient, forskolin, shows properties that help regulate fat burning and contribute to weight control.

- Caffeine stimulates the cerebral cortex improving concentration, increases alertness and attention, and improves physical performance during exercise. It has become the most popular stimulant. It is found in coffee beans, cocoa beans and some varieties of tea.

- Capsaicin is the active substance contained in cayenne pepper, which gives this spice its characteristic hot taste. It helps to control body weight.

- Piperine contained in black pepper fruits supports secretion of digestive juices and improves food digestion. It supports the proper functioning of the liver and also influences the absorption of nutrients such as curcumin, vitamin A, B6 and C, selenium, beta-carotene and coenzyme Q.

- Chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels, takes part in metabolic processes of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is a mineral component which our organism is not able to produce and that is why it must be provided with food.

Active ingredients in 2 capsules: 

Green tea leaf extract    800 mg    

incl. polyphenols   784 mg

incl. catechins   640mg

incl. EGCG    400 mg    

Indian nettle extract   300 mg    

incl. forskolin   30 mg    

Caffeine   200 mg    

Cayenne pepper extract   50 mg    

incl. capsaicin 4 mg    

Black pepper extract 2,1 mg    

incl. piperine 2 mg    

Chromium 80 µg   RWS - 200%

Recommended intake:

2 capsules daily - one in the morning, the other in the afternoon - do not consume on an empty stomach.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A balanced diet and a proper lifestyle are important for the functioning of the human body. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet.

Store: in tightly closed container, at room temperature 15-25°C, in dry place, out of reach of small children. Protect from moisture and light. To be consumed within 2 months of opening the package.

Precautions: SlimMe food supplement is intended for adults. If you have a disease or use medicinal products, consult a doctor about taking the food supplement. Do not use if hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. 

Contains caffeine; not recommended for children or pregnant women (caffeine content 200 mg in 2 capsules); do not consume with other products that are sources of caffeine or other ingredients with similar effects. 

Do not consume a daily amount equal to or greater than 800 mg of epigallocatechin 3-gallate (-). Do not consume if you consume other products containing green tea on the same day.

Expiry date: min. 3 months unless stated differently in the title or description


Has SlimMe been tested?

All Health Labs Care supplements have been tested for mould, yeast, bacteria (including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella) and PAHs (sum of (Benzo[a]anthracene, Benzo[β]fluoranthene, Chrysene and Benzo[α]pyrene) and Benzo[α]pyrene), as well as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury). Each batch of supplements is tested in an independent, certified J.S. Hamilton Poland laboratory, which meets the highest quality standards, confirmed, among others, by the Polish Centre for Accreditation and by membership in national and international organisations, such as FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations) and GAFTA (Grain & Feed Trade Association).

Will I lose weight with SlimMe?

If you want to lose weight, you should eat a healthy diet and be physically active. The ingredients in the SlimMe supplement

- stimulate digestive enzymes (black peppercorns),

- contribute to the maintenance of normal macronutrient metabolism and help to maintain normal blood glucose levels, thus limiting hunger attacks (chromium)

- reduce fat absorption from food, increase fat burning and accelerate fat breakdown in adipose tissue (cayenne pepper, green tea leaves and Indian nettle root).

Can I use SlimMe with other HealthLabs products?

The SlimMe supplement can be safely combined with the food supplements: SmartMe, HealMe, NewMe, ProbioticMe, IntiMe, BeautyMe, ProtectMe Recovery+, Vitamin C Natural+, BrownMe (maintaining a minimum 2 hour interval).

It is not recommended to take SlimMe at the same time as other herbal preparations, because the active substances from the individual herbs may interact with each other and cause adverse effects.

An exception to this is the simultaneous use of the food supplement SlimMe with RestMe, but only on an ad hoc basis, with a distance of at least two hours.

Combination with the food supplements ProtectMe Immune+ and BoostMe NOW is not recommended.

When combining with the Vitamin B Complex food supplement, keep an eye on your body as both supplements can have a stimulating effect.

When to take the supplement - before, after or with a meal?

Use food supplements according to the information on the packaging and label. It is recommended that HealthLabs products are always taken after meals to reduce the likelihood of any gastrointestinal discomfort. Hot liquids and foods, coffee and strong tea, alcohol and carbonated drinks should be avoided within one hour of taking SlimMe dietary supplement.

Should I keep an interval between taking medication and supplements?

For your safety, always keep an interval of at least 2 hours between medication (e.g. antibiotic) and food supplements.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women use SlimMe supplement?

The LittleMe and OmegaMe Prenatal supplement was developed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is a basic set of supplements that contains ingredients recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those planning pregnancy. Remember, for your safety, we recommend consulting your doctor before any supplementation.

Ekstrakt z liści zielonej herbaty (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) standaryzowany na 98 % polifenoli, 80 % katechin, 50 % galusanu epigallokatechiny - EGCG DER 20:1; ekstrakt z korzeni pokrzywy indyjskiej (Coleus forskohlii (Poir.) Briq) standaryzowany na 10 % forskoliny DER 40:1; kofeina; ekstrakt z owoców pieprzu cayenne (Capssicum annuum. L.) standaryzowany na 8 % kapsaicyny DER 20:1; mąka ryżowa; składnik kapsułki: hydroksypropylometyloceluloza; ekstrakt z owoców pieprzu czarnego (Piper nigrum L.) standaryzowany na 95 % piperyny DER 30:1; pikolinian chromu (chrom); substancja przeciwzbrylająca: dwutlenek krzemu.

ENG: Green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) standardized to 98% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 50% epigallocatechin gallate - EGCG DER 20:1; Indian nettle root extract (Coleus forskohlii (Poir.) Briq) standardized to 10% forskolin DER 40:1; caffeine; cayenne pepper fruit extract (Capssicum annuum. L.) standardized to 8% capsaicin DER 20:1; rice flour; capsule ingredient: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum L.) standardized to 95% piperine DER 30:1; chromium picolinate (chromium); anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

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