OnlyEco Universal spray 500ml

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Universal spray 500ml, of the Polish brand OnlyEco - Removes all types of dirt!

Universal liquid for cleaning all household surfaces and objects of everyday use. It can be used to clean children's accessories (toys, feeding seats), car parts (e.g. steering wheel, door handles) and pet accessories (e.g. toys, litter boxes).

The natural cleaning complex, based on alcohol derived from plant starch and botanical extracts, removes all dirt extremely effectively, cares for and protects the cleaned surfaces. It also helps to prevent recontamination. Instantly cleans and restores shine. It shows antibacterial properties. It is gentle for the cleaned surfaces and the environment.

The multi-purpose spray contains 5 antibacterial ingredients, cleans any type of surface and deals with any type of dirt. It contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. It is safe for the environment and biodegradable.

Directions for use:

Spray on the surface to be cleaned, wait a few tens of seconds, then wipe with a damp cloth. Surfaces in contact with food and children's toys - rinse thoroughly with clean water.

In order to limit the impact on the environment, use a small amount of the preparation.

Mniej niż 5% niejonowe środki powierzchniowo-czynne na bazie wielocukrów; naturalny olejek eteryczny ze słodkiej pomarańczy, naturalny olejek eteryczny ze skórki cytryny (zawiera: Limonene). Zawiera także: wodę zdemineralizowaną, etanol den. otrzymywany przez fermentację skrobi roślinnej, kwas cytrynowy, kwas mlekowy, glicerynę, rozpuszczalnik naturalny.

Bez: SLS, SLES, NTA, EDTA, parabenów, PEG-ów, substancji petrochemicznych, barwników, syntetycznych kompozycji zapachowych, enzymów, fosforanów, siarczanów, formaldehydu, chloru, boranów, wybielaczy optycznych i chemicznych.

ENG: Less than 5% nonionic surfactants based on polysaccharides; natural sweet orange essential oil, natural lemon peel essential oil (contains: Limonene). Also contains: demineralized water, den. ethanol obtained by fermentation of vegetable starch, citric acid, lactic acid, glycerin, natural solvent.

Free of: SLS, SLES, NTA, EDTA, parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, enzymes, phosphates, sulfates, formaldehyde, chlorine, borates, optical and chemical bleaches.

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