Pasieki Sadowskich Miodziś - Honey with pineapple 430g

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Miodziś - Honey with pineapple 430g, of the Polish brand Pasieki Sadowskich - Pineapple, delicious taste for little gourmands!

Meet Miodziś - a very sweet teddy bear! He is a very wise bear, who loves children like no one else. He teaches them to love nature and healthy eating habits. He also loves honey, just like any other fairy teddy bear, and like no one else he can smuggle healthy honey even to the biggest eaters! 

Teddy embarks on an amazing journey to hot lands - and takes the kids with him! On a heavenly beach, the drinks are cool, the sand is hot and the adventures are exciting. Little ones with Miodziś splash in the water, build a huge sand castle (taller than they are) and collect lots of beautiful shells. And after their adventures, Miodziś is waiting for them with delicious sandwiches - with Honey and Pineapple.

Honey with pineapple is 98% natural multiflower honey and 2% freeze-dried pineapple. Just nature, and it tastes delicious! 

What does Miodziś love Honey with Pineapple for?

100% of nature and delicious taste of healthy sweets

- Its base is real multiflower honey, which protects against allergies

- the addition of freeze-dried pineapple is a delicious taste of nature with the properties of fresh fruit

- Pineapple perfectly supports the digestive system - it will help children's tummies! 

- Kids love it and parents snack on it.

Directions for use:

Kids will love pineapple sweet and healthy sandwiches with their favorite honey. Pineapple Honey is also recommended as an addition to smoothies, topping for pancakes and waffles or sweet spice for favorite oatmeal. It tastes delicious when eaten straight from the jar - both by children and adults! 

Natural bee honey crystallizes. Depending on the species, honey can crystallize from a few days to a year. It can be returned to liquid form by heating to 40°C, but it should be protected from sunlight daily and not stored above 18°C.

If you buy a larger quantity, store it in a cool and dark place.

Miód wielokwiatowy nektarowy 98%, liofilizowany owoc ananasa 2%.

ENG: Multi-flower nectar honey 98%, freeze-dried pineapple fruit 2%.

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